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Getting Into Medical School! Interviews, Books, Oxbridge + More

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hello everyone! 🙂

in this video i go through my top tips when it comes to applying to medical school, the lessons i learnt and the steps i went through to prepare!
the video encompasses some general tips, as well as specific tips in terms of the interview, my favourite wider reading picks and, some oxbridge focused interview tips as well!

the times for the different segments are as follows:

the interview – 2:42

book recommendations – 13:34

oxbridge tips – 18:38

links mentioned:

and to my lovely subscribers thank you so much for sticking with me and continuing to support my channel despite my prolonged hiatus!
this video was filmed at the end of september, and i am very sorry that it has taken me this long to upload it!
i had originally filmed some BMAT tips, but they are obviously useless as the BMAT has now passed, i may upload the tips in a separate video once the timing becomes relevant for next year!

i hope you find it useful, and if you have any questions please ask below!

thanks so much for watching!

3 Keys to Answer the Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question

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The first question, and also one of the most important questions, in an interview is almost always "Tell me about yourself." Your answer to this question sets the stage for the remainder of your interview. In this video I show you the three keys to answering this question and I also lead you through an example of how someone with a background in science and an MBA in finance who is trying to get a job in Supply Chain/Procurement would approach this question.

Medical School Interview: questions tips answers and preparation (MCAT GAMSAT UKCAT UMAT MMI)

Click Here to Get Great Medical School Interview Resources

Dr. Brett Ferdinand shares medical school interview questions and tips before a group of premed students in a video entitled ‘Medical School Interview: Questions, Tips and Answers + MMI’. Touching on attire, attitude, strategy and content, this video is relevant and helpful whether you are interviewing in the US, Canada, Europe or Australia and whether it is a one-on-one, group or panel interview. Dr. Ferdinand is an experienced interviewer and author (Gold Standard MCAT – US, Canada; Gold Standard GAMSAT – Australia, Ireland, UK; and Silver Bullet Real MCATs Explained).
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