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Medical School Interview Tips: Questions about Structure, Admissions

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How I got into medical school as a graduate!

Click Here to Get Great Medical School Interview Resources

This is my story about how I got into medical school through a rather indirect route. I hope you find it interesting and motivational if you are in the same position as I was when I was trying to apply for medical school!

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0:12 Qualification
0:24 GCSEs
0:59 A Levels
2:02 Degree
3:52 Entrance Exam
4:33 Work Experience
7:02 Interview

I've had a few requests from people asking how exactly I got into medical school, i.e. what were my grades, work experience, interview and entrance exams so here it all is! This is all me.

In terms of my grades I am probably not the most outstanding candidate as you will see, BUT medical schools are looking for a lot more than just grades now. They want an all rounded individual and that is certainly what I am!

If you feel like giving up applying for medical school, I hope my story is inspiration for you to keep carrying on with it all. By no means was it easy. I worked my arse off, and I worked harder in the four years between graduating and starting medical school than I ever had in my entire life to make sure I got in! Keep going, if I can do it then so can you.

Good Luck!

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