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How to Study for 2015 MCAT: Tips for Surviving

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Six tips to help you survive while you are studying for the MCAT!

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8 Tips for Medical School Interviews

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Got an interview at a UK Medical School coming up? DON'T PANIC! You're going to be fine – seriously, you're going to nail it.

The trick with interviews is to go in there, be enthusiastic, be confident and don't be put off if it doesn't go as fabulously as you'd hoped. It's normal to be nervous, and as long as you've done your homework (read Tomorrow's Doctors, looked up the course you're applying for and done a decent little bit of work experience), you'll walk it.

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MCAT Secrets to Get into Medical School

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– MCAT Secrets to Getting into Medical School and Medical School Admissions by TopTestPrep.com | In this video our MCAT experts ( ) describe how students can get into medical school with our medical school admissions counseling. This is about the MCAT, medical school acceptances and MCAT scores. Read more MCAT test prep tips here:

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Here’s some information on the MCAT exam, MCAT Prep,

Also info on med school (AAMC) application counseling: