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8 Tips for Medical School Interviews

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Got an interview at a UK Medical School coming up? DON'T PANIC! You're going to be fine – seriously, you're going to nail it.

The trick with interviews is to go in there, be enthusiastic, be confident and don't be put off if it doesn't go as fabulously as you'd hoped. It's normal to be nervous, and as long as you've done your homework (read Tomorrow's Doctors, looked up the course you're applying for and done a decent little bit of work experience), you'll walk it.

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Kool Kats and Sock Hop
Both by Kevin Macleod
Courtesy of Incompetech.com

How I got into medical school as a graduate!

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This is my story about how I got into medical school through a rather indirect route. I hope you find it interesting and motivational if you are in the same position as I was when I was trying to apply for medical school!

Jump to:
0:12 Qualification
0:24 GCSEs
0:59 A Levels
2:02 Degree
3:52 Entrance Exam
4:33 Work Experience
7:02 Interview

I've had a few requests from people asking how exactly I got into medical school, i.e. what were my grades, work experience, interview and entrance exams so here it all is! This is all me.

In terms of my grades I am probably not the most outstanding candidate as you will see, BUT medical schools are looking for a lot more than just grades now. They want an all rounded individual and that is certainly what I am!

If you feel like giving up applying for medical school, I hope my story is inspiration for you to keep carrying on with it all. By no means was it easy. I worked my arse off, and I worked harder in the four years between graduating and starting medical school than I ever had in my entire life to make sure I got in! Keep going, if I can do it then so can you.

Good Luck!

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I Don’t Know – Med School Parody of “Let It Go” from Frozen (University of Chicago Pritzker SOM)

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Parody of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen by the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Class of 2016.

Don't forget to set to 1080p!

Lyrics and Vocals: Beanie Meadow
Editing: Omar Malas
Filming: Sammita Satyanarayan and Maryam Mohammed
Choreography: Julie Mhlaba

Special thanks to Oliver Hulland for his amazing camera, to Dr. Bill Meadow for his starring role, and a HUGE thank you to Dr. Jeanne Farnan for her help throughout the creative process.

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MCAT Secrets to Get into Medical School

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