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Medical Humor – The Clinton Catheter

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GiggleMed.com asks the question – What if we replaced the Quinton catheter with the Clinton catheter? We’re sure he’d deny everything… “I did not have vascular relations with that lumen.” Fine, but how do you explain this drape, Sir?

Short, funny video for nurses, nephrologists, medical students, residents, vascular surgeons, and maybe dialysis patients.

Medical Holiday Humor – Puffy the RT

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Funny medical humor song & holiday parody of Frosty the Snowman. Only this time, it's "Puffy the Respiratory Therapist". Holiday humor with a healthcare twist that pokes fun at the number of respiratory therapists who smoke by

Warning – I have no singing skills, so I just channeled my inner South Philly. If any of you have singing skills or think it would be funny to sing this song as a group… make a video & post it as a response to this one. (But if you use these lyrics, you must give attribution to GiggleMed.com with something like "Lyrics by GiggleMed.com" or "Inspired by the Lyrics from GiggleMed.com".)