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How to Study for 2015 MCAT: Tips for Surviving

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Six tips to help you survive while you are studying for the MCAT!

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Free O-Chem Lectures for MCAT, DAT, PCAT, and GRE prep – Video 1 – IUPAC & Orbitals

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The purpose of this video is to help second-year organic chemistry students review the concepts and questions that most frequently appear on standardized entrance exams, like the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, and GRE. In this video I'll teach you how to produce IUPAC names for simple organic molecules and recognize the IUPAC suffixes for different functional groups, as well as how to identify any atom's hybridization and explain, in terms of atomic and molecular orbitals, what that actually means. –Dr. Mike Christiansen from Utah State University.

MCAT Cracker – Preparation for the MCAT 2016

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5 Secrets Tips to MCAT Exam Prep – TopTestPrep.com

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– In this video, we describe the MCAT exam by TopTestPrep.com and show students how to master the MCAT with MCAT test preparation strategies and advice. Inside info on the MCAT. These are the best tips on the MCAT exam – and test prep for medical school admissions. In this video we show you how you can improve your MCAT scores.

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