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How To Get Into Medical School – Free Tips!

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Here are the basics of what you'll learn in this video:

#1. Understand Your Chances
-6 out of every 10 applicants are rejected!
– If you have a 3.4-3.59 GPA, a 30-32 on your MCAT, and are white, chances of being accepted are 55.6%. The chances vary by race!

#2. Choose your schools
-Based on MCAT and GPA. If you're too low, you'll be screened out!
-Choose your state schools. You have the best chance there.

#3. Give the people what they want!
-What are medical schools looking for?
-Character traits!

How do medical school admissions committees measure this?
-Academic Achievement as surrogate for knowledgeable

-Community service as surrogate for caring for others
–Some activites are better than others. 3 keys to this in my eBook at .

-Clinical Experience as surrogate for enjoying your job
–We want to know you have experience medicine and enjoy it

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After you do these things, you need to make them stand out on your application and personal statement.

#4. Interview like a champ
-May be the most important part of your application!
-Interviewer often goes back and represents you to the committee.
-MUST make a good impression!

Getting Help

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Thank you and best of luck in your medical school quest!

Mike Frazier, MD

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